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4th of April 2019 09:56 PM Link
Thank you, Roswell Fire Department!!!
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2nd of April 2019 10:54 AM Link
Atlanta Children’s Museum!!!
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2nd of April 2019 09:10 AM Link
Atlanta Children’s Museum
22nd of March 2019 02:11 PM Link
Community Helpers, thank you Officer Sam!!
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21st of March 2019 02:10 PM Link
Toddlers Painting, Awesome job Ms.Carmen!!!
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15th of March 2019 03:53 PM Link
Rocket 🚀 Race
15th of March 2019 03:52 PM Link
Pre K Rocket 🚀 Race!!
7th of March 2019 09:30 PM Link
Green Eggs, I do not like them Sam I Am!!!!! PreK likes them!!
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5th of March 2019 01:55 AM Link
PreK character dress up day, was a Great hit today!! Great job!!
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5th of October 2018 10:52 PM Link
Our kids loved a surprise visit from the Paw Patrol friends this Friday!
Happy Friend 🌟🌈☀️
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26th of September 2018 09:37 PM Link
Music time fun! Call us to get more information on our music classes!
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8th of September 2018 01:51 AM Link
Here’s a look at the #great things our #Preschool class has been doing this week 😀 #RoswellDaycare #RoswellFamily #GLTC #GALearning #PreschoolClass #LearningNumbers
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5th of September 2018 07:44 PM Link
📍Choosing a school for your child!!!
🔜Come take a tour
‭📞678 - 461-1869‬

🔜Escogiendo una escuela para su niño !!!
Ven y toma un tour GRATIS!!
5th of September 2018 07:03 PM Link
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24th of August 2018 08:06 PM Link
Our Georgia Pre-K kiddos can’t stop smiling! We are off to a great start this school year...And we still have a few #FREE slots available in our Pre-K class!
If your family is interested, give us a call today! #RoswellDaycare #RoswellFamily #GLTC #GALearning #smilesformiles #playground
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16th of August 2018 05:29 PM Link
Colorful, inventive, abstract, educational -- How do you like our Toddler and Preschool arts and crafts?
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7th of August 2018 04:36 PM Link
We have a couple slots that are still available in our Georgia Pre-K classroom. These remaining slots are on a first-come, first-served basis - Give us a call or stop by today!
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23rd of July 2018 06:51 PM Link
Some of our One-year students enjoyed working with puzzles this morning. They are great at sharing! #RoswellDaycare #RoswellFamily #GLTC #GALearning #puzzletime #morningwork
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21st of June 2018 11:40 PM Link
Summertime is a blast at Georgia Learning!
Come see for yourself - Now enrolling! #RoswellDaycare #RoswellFamily #GLTC #tinkertoys #smilesformiles #GALearning
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18th of June 2018 12:26 PM Link